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January 2015 - Newsletter 1/6

Dear Climbbybiker, dear #Name#,

Better late then never; we wish you a healthy, safe ànd sane 2015 with lots of nice cycling trips and challenges.

In this first newsletter of the year, we present you the Vuelta 2015 and some of the finest climbs to inspire you.

Good rides!

Vuelta 2015 has 10 top finishes!

The Vuelta has a tradition to be honoured. Just like last years, Vuelta 2015 offers us a plate with lots of bumps, called mountains. 13 mountain and mid mountain stages for 10 top finishes and a long stay in Andorra. Check it all out on climbbybike.

Climbbybike on the Zoncolan

Those that climbed the Mortirolo (Passo della Foppa) via Mazzo in 2014 will have noticed; on the post sign at the foot of this monster climb, you can now find the climbbybike profile of the climb. We hope to see our profiles at the start of many climbs worldwide just like on the Mortirolo. It's essential information for anybody, especially for the unprepared; it could save them a dangerous trip and a big disillusion ;-).

Safety cycling with technology AND attitude

There are two types of cyclists; those that did fall already and those that will. Being on the road with little or no protection (except for the obligatory helmet of course!), we all know that safety is still a huge challenge. We all have encountered dangerous situations involving car drivers wanting the road just for themselves and leaving no space for bikers (they probably never rode a bike). We therefore welcome any technology that makes the life and drive of the cyclist safer. And we long expected a type of warning device between the cyclist (via his device or helmet) and the car driver like the one developed by POC, Ericsson and Volvo cars. But technology isn't sufficient and is no excuse; first the attitude of the car driver should change. And the weakest road user should always be put in front! Volvo, POC, Ericsson connect cycle helmets with cars.

Preparing for the big climb

With the moderate winter weather conditions across the most of Europe and America, you can already start your preparation for your 2015 cycling challenge, be it that big mountain or big cycling trip. Find tips on climbbybike, for instance to prepare your attack on the majestic Col du Galibier, one of our favourite climbs.

MAX 25 km/h

The (fast) e-bikes speed blazes the bike speed discussion again in some countries. How hard can you still go on your race bike?
An e-bike that goes over 25km/h should legally be considered a scooter PLUS identified as such by the other road users. For example via a beautiful pink helmet with flowers. Plus a mandatory driving test, driving license, bell or whistle, mirror and speedometer;
Slower or non-motorized road users do not necessarily have a speedometer and should adjust their speed to the conditions. Race cyclists, which usually go a little faster, are recognizable by their steer, their often curved back and, if they are smart, their helmet. Mopeds are also easily recognized and produce more noise and smell.

In the snow, on the Stelvio

Story by Dave W. from Los Angeles, United States:

I rode up to the to of Stelvio Pass with my brother, Dan, on June 30th, 2014. The night before, it snowed on top of the pass, and that's where we'd spent the night, at the Rifugio Garibaldi, a fantastic mountain lodge.
We drove down the mountain to Prato once the snow had been plowed off the road. We parked at the bottom of the climb, and then... read on

Climbs in the picture

52 bends of the Albiez-le-Jeune, starting from Saint-Jeun-de-Maurienne
18 hairpins of Lacets-de-Montvernier - Pontamafrey-Montpascal.