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February 2014 - Newsletter 1/6

Dear Climbbybiker, dear #Name#,

A new year, a new lay out for our newsletter. And also, new content; every other two months, you'll get a climb tip, top contributions, the usual big Tour climbs, a region in the picture... Enough to stimulate your climb appetite. We hope.


10 most difficult climbs in the Flemish Ardennes

The Flemish Ardennes ("Vlaamse Ardennen") are the most popular cycling region in Flanders, Belgium and the home to the upcoming classic races and their crown juwel, the Ronde van Vlaanderen. Discover the 10 most difficult climbs following climbbybike's difficulty index.

Climb tip: training, resting and supercompensation

Planning to climb one or more of the big climbs this summer? Time to start training. But don't forget, resting is as important. It all has to do with something called supercompensation.
Supercompensation is a term for the phenomenon that, after a training impulse, your body always tends to recover above the original baseline. At a training stimulus you become fatigued and your physical capacities diminish. Recovery not only brings you back to the original level but slightly above. If, at that moment, you do not train again, you read on.

Climb of the month: San Glisente Pozza

Extremely difficult not only by its slope but also because of its surface: 50 cm asphalt + 80 cm stone + 50 cm asphalt. Situated in Lombardy, the San Glisente Pozza ascent is 8.2 km long and wins 1448 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 17.6 % with stretches up till 35%!

Vuelta climbs again

This year, the Vuelta will again be the criterium for the climbers fomr all over the world, and in particular, Spain. Not less than 8 climb finishes await the riders and this without even touching the Pyrenees! Other famous climbs like the Covadona are on the menu. Discover the whole meal on climbbybike

Story of the month

Story by Anbdy Gudgeon from Blackpool, United Kingdom, submitted on 01/03/2014

In 1964, at 17, and without parents'' permission, I took my 4-gear bike, tiny tent & sleeping bag, to cycle to Istanbul, Asian Turkey & part of North Africa. 99 days later, I got home & got a roasting from my mum, but that trip made me the guy I am today. That was 1964. I had one little map, moving 1cm each day &no idea where there were mountains. From Villach, I headed south, and found the unheardof Wurzenpass, 33% in those days. It was impossible to... read on

New pictures of the month

On the top of the Col de Joux Plane.
Up to the La-lung la in Tibet.